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3rd August 2010

10:20pm: Welcome. It's nice to see you.
 I didn't relish oblivion, so I'm quite glad you made it in time.  Please give Bingie my love when you see him.  

Is there something else you need?  I'm due to visit a friend.

31st July 2005

10:38pm: Something's Not Right: Mirabella Took
. . . she could feel it in the earth. All the way from the outskirts of Buckland, she could hear the trees whispering angrily. Beneath the Brandywine's smooth surface the waters were riled. The same with the Bywater's. But when, after all, were things all right in the Shire anyway? Still, something unusual was afoot.

Whatever she had sensed was wrong with Bingo, all was better now, she could tell. But she knew whatever it was, he'd have enough help to get by and he was past harm now. Why must that lad always justify her worries about him? Hmm, hmm, hmm. She shook her head. She would check on him and her other relations over at Back End in a little while, but first she needed to go to her own smial.

She entered the Geodesic Smial and went straight to her Sanctuary to set her altar in order and summon her spirit guides for answers.
Current Mood: worried

8th March 2005

1:10am: No Breaking!: Mirabella Took
Balling her fists, Mirabella screams a scream that resounds across the hills to the east, rolling across the Anduin, like the sound of another part of the land falling into the sea.
Current Mood: resistant

27th January 2005

10:10pm: At Home: Mirabella Took
In the Geodesic Smial, Mirabella sits at her drawing table working on plans for a Country Noldar Nouveau-style bedroom for the Hornblower's new smial when she hears an insistent knock on her door. She gets up, pulls a long white hair off her shawl, and goes to open the door.
Current Mood: busy

19th September 2004

10:26pm: By Candle light: Mirabella Took
Mirabella walked in companionable silence with the cave troll, traveling the secluded trails north to the hidden smial that was his home. She glanced about with the disinterested look of one who had tread this path many a time. Then the cave troll gently lay a hand on her shoulder to still her steps as a deep pool of water ahead blocked their way.
Current Mood: mellow

16th August 2004

9:28pm: Being Clear on the Matter: Mirabella Took
Mirabella sits in her brother Isengar's room and waits for Tiger and him. She noted they weren't around at the Harvest Moon Fire and might need to be informed of the matter with Bingo and how to conduct themselves with a Blue Fire walker. She thumbs through one of Isengar's haiku books while waiting.
Current Mood: calm

19th June 2004

12:10am: Special Delivery: Mirabella Took
Just before going to bed, Mirabella penned a letter, folded it, and then walked into the Back End living room.

"There you are, love," she said as she approached the cave troll quietly seated on the sofa.
Current Mood: tired

10th April 2004

10:59pm: Hobbits with Glass Smials: Mirabella Took
Now that the ground was softening with the warming spring, Mirabella was all about the Shire with new projects, one of them being the greensmial for Back End she had promised for Primula, this other Primula who was not her daughter--how odd was that?--but was now family, all the same. So, how to place it? On the hill above the kitchen area might be best, as a second level room with a pull down stairway over a trap door in the ceiling of the kitchen. That way, they could enter it from the inside for when the weather was not as accomodating as it was today.

With Halfast's help, Back End's greensmial was quickly built into the slope of the hill, it's geodesic panels glistening in the gentle spring sunlight. And if she knew Bingo, he would be spending as much time in it as Primula.
Current Mood: accomplished

3rd October 2003

9:45pm: *comes in the main entrance of Back End and looks for her brother*

Sennie, love? You had something you wanted to ask me about?

12th September 2003

8:54pm: Back: Mirabella Took
*knocks on the door of Back End*
Current Mood: industrious

14th May 2003

10:14pm: A Smial in the Dark: Mirabella Took
The excavation of the far side of the hill into which the Pantry Smial was set, a hill not quite as big as the adjacent hill bordering Bag Shot Row, home to Bag End, was going marvelously well. The angling Mirabella had planned was turning out to produce more room than she had hoped, thus she added an additional room accordingly. This would turn out to be a good sized smial after all.

Now all she needed to do was to tell Bingo about this anniversary present she had concocted, and if it was to his liking, knock down the wall of the walk-in kitchen cupboard in the Pantry Smial and connect it all up. Folco and Melba were already excited about the prospect of living in Hobbiton, and their good spirits were surely infectious. Maybe this would make Bingo's anniversary next week something worth coming home for, something to look forward to after all the past year's losses, a window through which he could look out, instead, upon all that he had gained. Well, she hoped so, anyway. Now, to look over Halfast's landscaping ideas . . . .
Current Mood: energetic

31st January 2003

12:49am: A Visit: Mirabella Took
Mirabella looks out the window and sees her grandson Bingo coming up the walkway with one of the Big Folk, dressed like one who spends time among the trees. Bingo looks relaxed, she notes, glad to see him recovering from his lover's absence a bit and taking to company again. So many years he was away from the Shire, but he was still the one of all her children and grandchildren that she worried over. How did he manage that, she wondered. She looks over at her husband sitting curled up on the couch, eyes closed, paw laying lightly on the remote, but flicking his tail slightly.

Oh, Gorby, dearest? Bingie's here. With a guest.
Current Mood: contemplative

22nd December 2002

4:42am: Tending to One Who Needs Healing: Mirabella Took
Feeling uneasy about her grandson Bingo all day, Mirabella sends out her spirit guides and learns he is ill and alone in a foreign realm, abandoned by his lover. Why his lover would abandon him at such a time was beyond fathoming. Aided by her spirit guides she enters the realm, finds Bingo, and takes him back to the Geodesic Smial where she can begin his healing. She covers him in blankets and watches over him until the fever breaks.

7th December 2002

10:03pm: Taking You Smial to Smial in a Fraction of the Time
Mirabella Took takes one last look around the Three Farthing Stone Station, the hub of the new Shire Monorail System she designed, before Mayor Samwise Gamgee "eventually" cut the ribbon in front of the first monorail car to take off. "Eventually" because it took him three tries. It took him three tries because originally the monorail was going to be inaugurated by having him break a bottle of Old Wineyards against it. But after he drank it, Adamanta Chubb Took quickly provided a ribbon they could tie across the rails and cut in place of it. Which Mayor Samwise did cut, when they finally got him pointed in the proper direction with the shears. No one had to be taken for too many stitches, so the ceremony could be termed a success.

A car load of passengers took off on the East-Wester, the Buckland-Undertowers Line first with the part-time driver, a cave troll art student, leading the way. If there was interest they would extend it east out to Bree and west out to the Grey Havens some time at a later date.

The next car to take off was the North-Souther, the Long Cleeve-Cottonbottom Line. Then the North-Wester, The Dwaling-Sackville Line, followed lastly by the North-Easter, the Binbale-Sarnford Line.

The monorail may not be the fastest transport, and certainly couldn't approach the speed and convenience of eagle-taxi or maia teleportation, ponders Mirabella, but it was quiet, and eco-friendly running by hydro-electric power generated by the Old Mill in Bywater. It would certainly do for Shire folk, at least. For the time being, that is, for the time being. This remarkable daughter of the Old Took is satisfied.

About Mayor SamwiseCollapse )
Current Mood: accomplished

13th October 2002

10:49pm: Defense being the first part of the Shire Muster . . .
Like Bag-end, the Pantry Smial, Lily Cotton's smial, and her own Geodesic Smial, Mirabella blesses Great Smials of the Tooks, and Brandy Hall of the Brandybucks, and Gamgee Hall. The house spirit who takes up residence in each abode is a match for any flame that comes its way, gently blowing out any fire it touches with its ghostly breath. The guardian spirit puts a hand upon the chest of any being who tries to enter the abode with malicious intent and turns it away.

Mirabella loves doing these ceremonies. They seem to be the synthesis of her two areas of expertise: designing and building homes and calling upon the strength of the supernatural to aid in protecting and healing hobbitkind.

Since Saruman's first return to the Shire she has been traveling high and low through the Four Farthings offering her shamanic services to all who would protect their homes in these ways from the approaching menace.

She hopes she has not missed anyone and that they will speak up now if she has.

23rd September 2002

1:46pm: Before you leave . . .
I'd like to have a word with you, Bingie. Can I tear you away from the party and your boyfriend a moment to step inside with me, grandson? Oh and thank you for the exquisite pendant.

21st September 2002

Back in the Geodesic Smial on a lane off of Bagshot Row, Mirabella Took is at work with her drafting pens, maps of the Shire spread across the table. On the lower corner of the table is a folder with the words, "PLANS APPROVED BY HOBBITON TOWN COUNCIL, TUCKBURROW BOARD OF DIRECTORS, THE BUCKLAND COOPERATIVE, THE VILLAGE OF FROGMORTON WORTHIES, and THE SACKVILLE CORPORATION" stamped in red across the cover, with more empty slots to fill. Beneath her deft hands are plans for the SHIRE MONORAIL SYSTEM. Two initial lines are described: one running along the East-West Highway, the Buckland-Undertowers Line; and one running north-south, The Long Cleeve-Sackville Line. The hub runs through the Old Mill on the Bywater in Hobbiton, which would be the main source of its water-based power supply.

Satisfied with her work, she goes to the kitchen to get some tea. She's worried about her grandson Bingo's trip, knowing there's something he hasn't told her about it. She misses her grandson Frodo, though she knows he is happy with Samwise in the Blessed Realms. She wonders what her daughter Primula is up to lately. She wonders if Erchi and Merry are going to stop by today so she can ascertain the nature of the being growing in Merry's created womb. She idly strokes Gordadoc--no worries there. And tomorrow is the big annual Birthday Party--much work to be done in its preparation tomorrow.

31st August 2002

11:56pm: The Healer Is In
~Newly returned home from the Innovative Architects of Arda Convention, and glad to see Gorbadoc back to his usual feline self, Mirabella readies the Geodesic Smial for visitors. Bingo had stopped by earlier to let her know that Elphir, Prince of Dol Amroth was going to stop by for help later for the healing of his badly mangled hand. She readies her medical supplies of the ordinary and extraordinary variety, ready to call upon her spirit guides, if simpler remedies prove not potent enough. She lights candles of jasmine and incense of cedar and sandal wood and sets them to burn along all the cardinal points in the main sitting room and tidies the altar by the fireplace. And then she smiles. Mirabella Took is a hobbit who is happiest when there is work to be done and her remarkable skills are put to use.~

27th July 2002

I assure you, as an experienced architect, that although Bag-End looks charred and soot covered, the structural damage is not at all serious. The exterior flame-resistance spell did hold, as my grandson Bingie tried to explain yesterday, and that is why the structural damage is minimal, as terrible as it looks. But its not a catch-all against all trouble.

And as far as the protection spell goes, if someone tried to enter Bag-End with the intent to physically injure one of its residents, he wouldn't be able to, unless he had a more powerful magic to counteract that which now protects the portal. It certainly couldn't prevent the Lord Manwe from taking my grandson Frodo, alas,--my magics cannot vie with those of the Valar--but it would keep out any hobbit rushing in to beat him. But Erchi wasn't trying to harm anyone bodily, so he was able to gain entry.

So, what Bag-End is very much in need of now is furniture, if any one would like to bring them some. But before that, what I really need help with is scrubbing out the charring and sweeping out the ashes, and then giving the old smial a nice new paint job. Do I have any volunteers?

22nd July 2002

Rescue and rebuilding crews are underway.

If you are alive, please say "Yay", let us know if your smial needs a repair crew, and come to the Geodesic Smial east of Bagshot Row to get a meal if you are in need. Temporarily homeless are welcome to stay.

If you are dead, please say "Nay" and let us know if you need any help filling out the resurrection forms. And let us know if you'll need a smial repair crew upon return.

A report of conditions at Brandy Hall and Great Smials would be greatly appreciated.

Damage report so far:

Bag-End: severe structural damage to entry-way from bomb outside--most interior possessions burned, rest of structural integrity maintained due to flame-proofing spell.

Lily Cotton's smial: magically flame-proofed, intact.

Green Dragon Inn: Destroyed--repair crew at work.

The Ivy Bush: Intact, not targeted.

Bag-End Garden shed pantry smial: Magically flame-proofed, intact, not targeted.

Geodesic Smial: Magically flame-proofed, minimal structural damage to entry.

East-West Highway Safeway: Destroyed, corp reps surveying damage, sending repair crews.

Odo's Novelty and Liquor Store: Intact, not targeted.

Museum at Michel Delving: some structural damage--crews currently surveying extent

Frogmorton Country Club: some structural damage to clubhouse and sauna. Repair needed, not urgent.

Bracegirdles Market: structural damage to entry way, otherwise intact.

19th July 2002

1:09am: The Smial Blessing Ceremony: Mirabella Took
My new smial is now complete. This is the first smial in which anyone has hollowed out an entire hill and fortified the smial's walls with a geodesic structure. I also installed skylights with one way-glass, so wanderers on the hill can't look in. And the loft is quite elegant. Bingo so likes to sit in trees, I hope he'll enjoy staying up there.

Now for the home blessing ceremony. I shall call in spirits that will push away any nonresident who comes to the entrance with murderous intent toward any who dwell within. The intruder would have to be armed with strong magic indeed to counteract it.

And in these uncertain times, perhaps I should also put a fire wall around the outer perimeter of the yard, to spring up if any hostile intruder with murderous intent steps upon it. Of course, that will do nothing against someone who doesn't enter with hostile intent and then becomes troublesome once inside. Nor domestic squabbles, for if I did one at Bag-End both Sam and Frodo would be sleeping outside many a night.

I shall certainly then do one for Bingo's pantry smial and see if they want one at Bag End. And I shall make it known that any kin who wish me to bless their smials also, need only ask, and it shall be done.

((OOC: I'd like to also have her magically flame-proof the exterior of a smial she blesses--if it's not OK to let her spell have that much power, please let me know. I figure I could give her more power in defensive spells than offensive ones as a hobbit witch, but that any Valar could trump her spells at will. OK, with every body?))

11th July 2002

Merry Gamgee and Prince Erchirion arrive at the newly finished Geodesic Smial where Mirabella Took resides. She greets them and leads them inside. She takes from the table a beautiful belt of woven mithril and silver and holds it before the wolf that is Merry.

So you want to know what the ceremony involved, boys? What went into making this belt magical? Alright.

I sent my spirit guides to find the spirit of a mortal infant who died shortly after it entered the world with the qualification that it had to have lived and died before the time the change was wrought in you, Merry. We needed a spirit who yearned to know what it was like to live and grow in the world, though it had no body of its own to offer.

When they found her, I conducted a ceremony to greet her, and I burned the hair you gave me so she could taste and feel what your body was like before the change. All of her spiritual essence has gone into memorizing your form and all the smallest particles that made it a living part of this world, as well as a growing one. She is now tied to this world through your hair that is encased in mithril within this belt.

When you wear this belt then, Merry, you will carry another spirit with you. But do not be alarmed, she will have no influence on your will, your spirit, or your mind and choices. Think of her then as along for the ride--perhaps an unobtrusive spectator. Her realm is the organic--all her essence is going into the work of making your old body a living part of this world again, and a growing one as well.

But she is tied to the belt. And your human form is dependent on her energy. Take off the belt, and your form will revert to that of the wolf again. The choice will be yours which form you will bear at any given moment. The wolf is now as much a part of you as this second spirit will become. You will bear both with you from this time thence.

Well, are you ready to try it on? Here.

She hands the belt to Erchi to strap upon his wolvish lover.

6th July 2002

The cart carrying the funeral party arrives at the organic mushroom farm in Nobottle where a hobbit and an Elf, for a short time, knew the joys of a deep and passionate love. Silently, the party dismounts and marches single file to a green hillock where an ash tree overlooks the faces of glowing elanor blooms and pale niphrodels nestled among the soft grasses. There they plant their torches.

While the grieving Bingo goes to fetch garden shovels that he and Everard will use to part the earth below that green carpet, Mirabella, Elanor, and Sancho go inside the dwelling to find a pallet on which to lay Anaire's fair form. They wrap her in a final gown of a blue winding sheet, with fine silver Elven-wrought embroidery of a pattern of mallorn leaves shot throughout the silken cloth, and place her upon the pallet. They twine some of the bright flowers Elanor brought in Anaire's golden hair, and place the remainder between her cold hands and upon her still breast.

When the grieving Bingo and Everard finish with their shovels, Elanor leads them inside. Softly intoning a prayer, Mirabella lights three candles and gives oneeach to Elanor and Everard to bear, and keeps one for herself. With Elanor and Everard leading silently in front, Bingo and Sancho bear the pallet between them, while Mirabella follows behind carrying a candle in one hand and a sweet-toned bell in the other. They slowly proceed to the hillock to the sad chimes of the small bell. Carefully, with the help of Sancho and Elanor, Bingo lowers the body of his lover into the waiting earth.

Mirabella hands her candle to Bingo, and Everard's to Sancho. She instructs Bingo to stand at the head of the grave, Elanor to the left, Sancho to the right, and she herself at the foot. She holds aloft the bell and softly says: "Blow the flames over the resting body, so her spirit may sail on your breath to a place of peace and tranquility."

As the three candle-bearing mourners blow the flames out, Mirabella shakes the bell loudly, then slowly lowers it with a softer and softer shake, until it's sad tones fade into the rustling leaves of the ash, and none but the wind whispers to them. Each then takes a shovel and works, until Anaire's fair form lays unseen beneath the rich soil of Arda.

4th July 2002

11:39pm: I'm here.
And I want to know why is there no one in Bag-End? And why is there the sound of Dwarven kazoos playing Wagner in the background? And why is there a Greek Chorus running at top speed toward Nobottle? And where is my grandson, Bingie? I'm getting quite disturbed at his absence. And I need answers. Gorbadoc, why don't you run a little reconnoisance while I check in on the lap-top--there's a good kitty!

26th June 2002

4:08pm: I'm Here!
That's right, Gorbadoc, you *should* purr. We're home, love.

Where's the *damn* light switch then?
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